Following is a listing of publications of the Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society. These include Worship Services and Occasional Papers and other writings that have been scanned for the website, as well as items presented exclusively on the website. This gives an indication of the work of UUWHS, and notes the items on this website. The items are listed alphabetically by title. We are hoping to scan a few more items onto the website.

Title Date Description Author Notes
1996 - 2005 Calendara1996-2005The material from the calendars is included in Unitarian and Universalist Women: Liberating History  
Anita Trueman Pickett: Free thought preacher1995 Lecturer, poet, labor advocate, minister.Bumstine, LynOnline
Anna Garlin Spencer: "The Three-Fold Path of Life"1995 Peebles, Linda 
Anna Tilden Gannett: Authority beside the pulpit Spouse of Rev. Ezra Stiles, Gannett creates authority in a situation that offered little power. Wider, Sarah 
Balancing the Vocational Divide: Anna Garlin Spencer on women, work and the family1995First woman professor at Meadville Theological School, minister, social reformer. Sikes, TanyaOnline
Boston Women Who Worked for Racial Justice1993 Emerson, Dorothy 
Brief History of the Work of Universalist Women, A: 1869-19551955 1993 1997First published in 1955, revised by UU Women's Federation in 1993, Reprinted by UUWHS in 1997. Folsom, Ida; Ellen Spencer, ed 
Cameo Life Stories Writing Guide for Everywoman Complete guide to writing memoirs, with questions to help women recall, organize, and record precious memories. Linzer, Deborah HansenBook
Cameo Life Stories Writing Guide for Everywoman: Workbook Workbook with 3 ring binder, 10 sections of questions and introductory letters for organizaing your life story.  
Confession of Faith, A (Song)1994Adapted from A Confession of Faith by Anita Trueman Pickett  
Crusader for Freedom: Life of Lydia Maria Child Vivid profile of one of the most influenceial women of the 19th century. Hardcover, Beacon Press. Deborah Pickman CliffordClifford, Deborah PickmanBook
Debate Goes On, The: The historical debare concerning women in ministry1998 Emerson, Dorothy 
Dorothy Spoerl Biographic information, excerptsZidowecki, Helen 
Dr. Emily Howard Stowe: A most remarkable daughter Canadian physician and women's rights activist Killoran, Maureen 
Elizabeth Moore Manwell: At May Memorial Unitarian Society2001Religious Educator who, in partnership with Sophia Lyon Fahs, pioneered a new philosophy of teaching religious education. Baker, Lisa 
Emily Frances Fletcher: New England botanist2000 Downey, Jean; Harman, Marian 
Exploration of the Friendship of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, An UU Historical SocietyHoist, Mary-Ella 
Extortion 1813From The Female ChristianBarns, LucyOnline
F.E.Harper Worship Service1995   
Failure is Impossible (Worship)1995Celebrates the 75th anniversary of the passaage of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. WorshipOnline
Fair Women, The: Women at the 1893 World Parliament of Religions   Johnson, David 
For a Woman to Speak in Church: The proud colling of Augusta Jane Chapin1997Second woman ordained to Universalist ministry. Laucher, Phlox 
Foster Sisters of Montreal, The2002Writings of active participants in 19th century literary, religious and benevolent life of Montreal.MacDonald, Mary LuOnline
Free and Natural Unfolding on Our Highest Power, The: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and the moral education of children1997Founder of American kindergartens. LaRiviere, Katherine 
Friendship Across the Color Line: Celia Parker Woolley and Fannie Barrier Williams1997 Breaking the "color line" of the Chicago Women's Club. Lee, Koby 
From Gloucester to Philadelphia in 1790 Observations, anecotes and thoughts from the 18th century letters. Soft-cover book, 338 pages. Judith Sargent Murray Society. Smith, Bonnie HurdBook
Genuine Friendship, A1993 Goodwin, Joan 
Goddesses, Witches, and the Paradigm Shift Dramatic readings, including one of four famous Unitarian universalist women. Ideal for use as worship service. (not UUWHS)Bowman, Meg, edBook
Harriot Kezia Hunt: Physician of Body, Mind and Soul2001First American woman to practice medicine. Duncan, Sarah 
Heritage PoemCarr, Sarah PrattOnline
Herstory Comes to Life (Worship)1990Worship Online
Hundred Years Hence, A (Worship)1996Addresses past, present, future. WorshipOnline
Hundred Years Hence, A: SGM Small Group Ministry quoteZidowecki, HelenOnline
In the Parsonage, In the Parish: Experiences of Nineteenth Century Unitarian Ministers' Wives Exploration of roles and experiences. Mace, EmilyOnline
Influence of Catherine Helen Spence of Social and Politcal Reform in South Australia: 1860-1910.1996 Samsom, Diana 
Inspiration from the Past (Play) Written by gilrs in Mayo Memorial UU Church, Syracuse, 5/1/1994 Online
Joining Hands Around the World--Women Making Peace (Worship) General Assembly. Visitors from the past share their work for peace as empowerment for today's efforts to create a peaceful world. 2002Goodwin, Joan; Emerson, DorothyOnline
Judith Sargent Murray Gleaner Online
Judith Sargent Murry (Video?) By UU minister who discovered Judith Sargent Murray's letterbooks. Includes discovery story and introduces Judith Sargent Murray, feminist, essayist, dramatist, wife of Universalist minister John Murray. 35 minutes. Gibson, Gordan 
Ladies' Repository, The: Sisterhood of Universalists1998 Goodwin, Joan 
Let Us Now Praise Universalist Women (Worship) Biographies of historic Universalist women. Includes a children's story. Hymn texts written by Universalist women. 1993 Online
Let Us Now Praise Universalist Women, SGM Small Group Ministry quoteZidowecki, HelenOnline
Letters I Left Behind, The: Letter Book 10 First of 23 Letter Books to be published. ReviewSmith, Bonnie HurdOnline
Middle School Named after Abolistionist Maria Chapman Newspaper article, Weymouth (MA) News Online
More Than Common Powers of Perception The diary of Elizabeth Rogers Mason Cabot, a woman who led a typical life in 19th century Boston. Hardcover. Beacon Press  
Music: Confession of Faith, A (Worship) Anthem for four voices. Setting of lyrics by Anita Truernan Pickett. "To realize the divine in my soul; to see and worship the Divine in all else; this is my life, my faith, my religion." Cobb, Lil 
Music: Standing Before Us (Worship) Women's History theme song. Ideal for group singing. Eagleheart, Carole Etzer 
Notable Universalist and Unitarian Women, 7th ed. Listing of over 450 historical Universalist and Unitarian women with brief description of their lives and writings. Online
Olympia Brown: Minister of Social Reform1992Universalist minister and women's rights advocate. Nichols, Claudia 
Oral History as an Intergenerational Religious Education Program1992Includes Oral History Guidelines. Complete information on how to do oral history as an all-church project.  
Outcome of This Faith: How Universalism Changed History in the Person of Mary Ashton Livermore, The1995Mary Ashton Livermore, Lecturer, abolitionist, suffragist, Sanitary Commission leader in Civil War. O'Connell, DanielOnline
Pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Women  Emerson, Dorothy 
Reading on the Life of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (Worship) The story of an African American involved in the women's suffrage movement. Told by two narrators and Frances Harper herself, with excerpts from her poems and novel.   
Re-Centering Our Religious History (Worship)1992Imaginative interview format featuring dialog recreated from their writings, including social action, role of religion in society, confronting racism, advice to today's women.   
Reflections of Women in the Ministry: Eleanor Gordon -Religious teacher and inspirer of things ethical and spiritual Analysis of the sermons of this member of the "Iowa Sisterhood" of Unitarian ministers. Doege, Lisa 
Representative Women1992 Emerson, Dorothy 
Sarah Edgarton Mayo: More than a "Sweet Singer of God's Unbounded Love"1996Ladies Repository contributor, author. lGemmill, Eva 
Singing, Shouting, Celebrating Unitarian and Universalist Women (Worship) Young woman learns about historical origins of today's justice movements and the crucial role played by UU women. Includes 13 hymns and songs, with words by UU women.   
Standing Before Us Anthology of writings and biographies of UU women engaged in social reform, 1776-1936. UUA BookstoreEmerson, Dorothy, ed.Book
Standing Before Us (Song) Song (50+copies)Eagleheart, Carole Etzer 
Stirring the Sagas: What Canadian Connections Do Various Canadian women, and the experiences of US women related to women. UUWHS Annual Meeting 2002.Baros-Johnson, Irene; Greenhavens, Eliz.Online
Tale of Beatrix Potter, The1995Environmental work of the famous children's book author and illustrator. By Ann MacConnachieMacConnachie, Ann  
They Showed the Way - The Way Leads On (Worship)1998Acknowledges contributions from the early feminist movement and limitations around race and class issues.  Online
Tribute to Pheobe Ann Coffin Hanaford (Worship), A1998A dramatic reading about the first woman minister in New England.  Online
Uncovering Your Church's History of Women2004 Coeyman, Barbara 
Unitarian Influence on Elizabeth Peabody and American Kindergartens, The1996Founder of American kindergartens, transcendentalist. Edwards, June 
Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Trail: Boston Describes 22 sites relating to historic UU women. Jaronski, Christine 
Universalist & Unitarian Women Ministers, 2nd Ed. Biographical dictionary of women ministers from the past. UU Historical Society. Hitchings, Catherine F.Book
Universalist Catechism, A  First published in 1792. Reprint edition, with introduction by Bonnie Hurd Smith  
Voices from the Past (Worship)1990Women speak their own words about struggle and hope, vocation, faith, theology. 1990  
Voices of Courage (Worship)2001Honors the 150th anniversary of Sojourner Truth's "Aren't I a Woman?" speech, at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention at the Universalist church in Akron, and President Frances Gage, who permitted Truth to speak. Arnold, Nancy; Edington, Rose; Grigolia, MaryOnline
Woman of Firsts, A: The ministry of Florence Buck2003Unitarian minister/pioneer religious educator was the first woman to serve as the executive secretary of the American Unitarian Association's Department of Relgious Education. Ziemer, Melissa 
Women & Religion: Deep Roots, and Hidden History SGM Small Group Ministry Zidowecki, HelenOnline
Women and Religion: Deep Roots and Hidden History (Worship)1997Honors the 20th anniversary of the General Assembly's Women and Religion Resolution. Voices of the past inform each element of the resolution and challenge traditional religion. 1997 Online
Women Blazing Trails (Worship)1994Brief introductions to women who were pioneers in various professional fields followed by their own words. 1994 Online
Women Blazing Trails, SGM Small Group Ministry quoteZidowecki, HelenOnline
Women of the South (Worship) First-person stories . 2000 Online
Women of the West (Worship)1999Features vignettes and words 1999 Online
Women of the West, SGM Small Group Ministry quoteZidowecki, HelenOnline
Women's Heritage Worship Resource Packet (Worship) Readings, hymns, and sermons by historic Unitarian and Universalist women.   
Women's History: Dramatic Readings Dramatic readings, including one on Mary Wollistonecraft, Hot Flash Press. Bowman, Meg, ed 
Women's Rights Anniversary Celebration, 1998-2000 Paper  
Women's Rights Anniversary Celebration, 1998-2000 (Video) Documents local efforts to celebrate Universalist and Unitarian women active in the antislavery and women's suffrage movements as well as more current human rights causes. 22 minutes. Comes with resource booklet.Video 
Writing from The Gleaner Volume 111, No. LXXXVIIIMurray, Judith 
  Analysis of the sermons of this member of the "Iowa Sisterhood" of Unitarian ministers.