WELCOME to this indexing of the resources that hold the information on Unitarian and Universalist women who stepped beyond the confines of their traditional roles in the society of their time to become leaders for change. The Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society has brought an awareness of the importance of capturing and publicizing the contributions of women to our movement and to society as a whole. UUWHS publications have brought the stories of women forward.


The Unitarian Universalist Heritage Society FIND-HER is designed to provides information on where to locate information on women with Unitarian Universalist backgrounds and connections.

The UUWHS FIND-HER includes entries on over 800 women, such as:

  • "Demographic" information about the women, including life dates, where they lived, contributions, and connections
  • A timeline of the lives of many of the women
  • Location of information in the publications of the UUWHS
  • UUWHS Library information or writings of women
  • Linkages to web sites for additional information
  • Resources for Religious Education

This Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society FIND-HER is an evolving project. It will be updated on the UUWHS web site, where it will be updated periodically, and a printed version is planned annually, generally around General Assembly.


  • Become involved in the work of the Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society!!!
  • Contact the editor if you find information that might need to be changed. With the amount of information that has been included in developing Find-Her, errors and omissions are possible. Also, there is a great deal of information that was not readily available to the editor.
  • Provide information on influential women from your own congregation's history, and consider the preservation of the writings of women.


There are several distinct files. The first is FIND-HER, which is an overview. The other sections are generated from this file, as noted in description of various columns.

NAMES (Last and First -- and everything in between!)

The names given are those that appear in various writings about and by the women.

  • Some women may be know by more than one name. Margaret Fuller was married shortly before her death with a last name of Ossoli. In these situations, one name is used consistently throughout, and there is a cross-reference with the other name.
  • For some women, nicknames ("Fannie" for Frances) may be used. The full name is given with the nickname in ( ).
  • When there are several names, including various maiden and married names, the most comprehensive listing is given here, although some of the names may be omitted in other listings.


On the web site, clicking on dates in this column will connect with the TIMELINE. In this document, go to the section titled TIMELINE. Year of birth and year of death are given when they are known. That file will give the month and day of birth, if known. The TIMELINE is arranged chronologically by date of birth and arranged in 20 year increments.

< indicates "before" the date given, and > indicates after the date given. Sometimes events of a woman's life are known, such as ordination, but the dates of birth or death are not known.

lv. = indicates that the woman is living as of the time this edition of Find-Her is being prepared. These usually are authors of sections or publications by the Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society.


Establishing concrete connection to Unitarian or Universalist backgrounds is sometimes difficult. Some women are known to have been close relationship with Unitarians or Universalists, but a concrete connection has not been established. These women who have Unitarian or Universalist "connections" ("con") are noted in italics.

"Unit" = Unitarian; "Univ" = Universalist, "U/U" = noted as being both Unitarian and Universalist before the time of consolidation; "UU" = Unitarian Universalist, or living after the consolidation in 1961.


This is a beginning reference to give an idea of women who may have had connections, or of women who may be of interest for research in an area. Usually country, state and some key cities are noted.


This is a beginning, brief notation of some of the contributions or focuses of a woman's activities. At this point, there has been no attempt to develop standard wording or meaning. For example, a 'writer' could be a novelist, journalist, poet, or essayist. These variations may or may not be noted. Likewise, 'reformer' could cover many causes. Indeed, many women were involved in more than one social movement. Refinement of definitions may come with later editions.


This shows how some of the women are connected.

d. = daughter; d. of = daughter of; f. = friend; gd of= granddaughter of; h. = husband (some are included, not all); n. = niece; p. = partner; s = sister or sibling; u = uncle. If there is no indicator, the woman listed as a connection has some other relationship, such as working on similar issues. Also, historians may focus on specific women, which are listed under this column.


Clicking on LIBRARY in FIND-HER will connect to the Library Listing. Publications in the Library by or about the women are listed by the women's name. The Library may or may not include all of the writings of or about the woman. There are also various collections, and anthologies, and supporting writings.

The Library is located at First Parish in Malden (MA), Universalist Church, but a move is anticipated. The Library Committee working to make the Library more accessible, and to establish guidelines for collections that churches may have. Presently, the library is for research only, by appointment, and materials cannot be removed from the site. To access the Library, or to participate on the Library Committee, contact Joan Goodwin at

The key for column noted as ID (for identification) is as follows: A number is the number of copies in the Library. If there is no number, the entry is on the listing prepared previously but the verification by inventory is not complete. KEY WOMEN with be blank with the following codes in ID: B = Biography of more than one woman; C = Church History; H = Histories by specific time or topic; M = Miscellaneous, including maps, guides; R = Related material that may give background information to a time frame; RE = Religious Education; W = Women's Organizations.


The year(s) that the woman appears on the calendar is(are) noted in this column. The titles of the calendars over the years have been:

Liberating Words - 1996 Liberating Lives -1997

Liberating Work - 1998 Liberating Spirits - 1999

Liberating Visions - 2000 Liberating Faith - 2001

Liberating Spirits - 2002 Liberating Ideas - 2003

Liberating Beliefs - 2004

A notation in this section is the year(s) in which the woman appeared in a calendar. Calendar may be ordered from the UUWHS Catalog. There may be limited numbers of older calendars available.

The Calendars evolve into STANDING BEFORE US: A TRAVELING EXHIBITION OF THE LIVES AND WORK OF UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST WOMEN. The exhibit introduces Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist women who were inspired and empowered by their involvement with liberal religion to step beyond the confines of their traditional roles in the society of their time to become leaders in movements for social change.

Over 100 15" by 20" panels picturing and describing these women are displayed along a timeline of significant events in denominational and world history, and come with an introductory panel and four mounted posters describing Universalist and Unitarian women leaders based on the anthology Standing Before Us: Unitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform. 1776-1936 (Boston: Skinner House, 2000).

The Exhibit can be used for receptions, Sunday services, presentations, lectures and panel discussions on women's history, youth events and rituals honoring women of the past. The Exhibit requirements a minimum of 75 feet of wall space to hang all of the panels. The Exhibit is generally available for two weeks.

For additional information, please contact: Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society, 200 Lincoln Street #201, Boston, MA 02111 Email: or on the Web site at


UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST WOMEN'S HERITAGE SOCIETY PUBLICATION (UUWHS PUBL.) Notation here indicates that the woman appears in a publication of the UUWHS. On the web site, clicking here will connect with PUBLICATIONS, which gives the listing by the woman's name. In this document, see the section on PUBLICATIONS.


Unitarian Universalist biographic information on women is available from several sites. The ones that are noted on this listing are:


Clicking on RE in FIND-HER will bring you to this section. The specific contributions of a woman in FIND-HER to Religious Education, or notations on where she is included in existing curricula or Religious Education resources, are noted in this section. Curricula included here are noted below and more detail in the Catalog of Religious Education Resources on web site or for hard copy, contact Helen Zidowecki, Other references will be added as they are explored.

Around the Church, Around the Year, Jan Evans-Tiller, 1990, UUA Bookstore (3-5 yrs)

Beginning Unitarian Universalism, Mary Ann Moore, 1985 (8-11 years)

Bio cards (I, II, III, IV), Beth Brownfield, (5 yrs.-Adult)

Follow the Rainbow Path, Sharon Bellah, et al, 2000 (5-10 yrs.)

In Our Hands, Junior High, Andrews, Barry, et al, 1990, (12-14 yrs.)

Stepping Stone Year, Gooding, Margaret, 1983, 1990, UUA Bookstore (8-12 yrs.)

Traditions With a Wink, Erslev, Kate, 2000 (9-11 yrs.)

UU Alphabet, Zidowecki, Helen, 1999 (3-7 yrs.)

UU Kids Book, Brotman, Charlotte, 1989 (5-12 yrs)

We Believe, Fields, Ann, et al, 1990, 1998, UUA Bookstore (3 yrs.-adult)


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